Weight Loss: Let 2020 be the year of less sugar


We all feel that we are not having enough sugar, barring the last week of the year, because heck, we were celebrating. But ask yourself in all genuinity, is that actually true? There is added sugar in your everyday packaged and processed foods, which goes uncounted. Moreover, cutting down on it does not require you to deprive yourself or go to extreme diets.

Not many know that excess sugar in the diet activates the ageing process. And trust us when we say, it’s harmful effects can be as bad as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Coming to sugar, you may argue that even fruits have fructose (which is a form of sugar), but your body can process fructose that is consumed as part of a whole fruit. This is because along with natural sugar, your body is also getting fiber, which slows down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.

However, what you eat and drink in the form of processed foods and packaged foods has sugar that is highly processed and is devoid of dietary fiber. There is good evidence that this fructose actually leads to addiction, which is harmful in the long run.

To cut down sugar from your diet, it is best to cut out sugars in all forms for a minimum of 7 days. A lot of people felt that when they quit sugar for 7 days at a stretch, they were able to resist it better than before. And if you actually crave for it too much, pick a whole fruit instead of picking a processed sugar variety. Also start reading food labels while picking packaged foods. Also, do not be fooled by terms like honey, nectar, brown sugar or beet sugar, they all are added sugars, which should be avoided.

Also, this by no standards mean you are eliminating sugar from your body, instead you are now getting it from healthy sources. If you can stick to this plan, cravings will fade sooner than you will ever know… And whenever you decide to add back some amount of sugar, do it mindfully so it does not sabotage your weight loss goals.

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