Weight Loss: The reason why people are working out barefoot! Should you?


Along with our gym membership, most of us spend a lavish amount on our workout clothes along with very expensive workout shoes. In fact a lot of trainers ask you to spend on shoes because they are supposed to protect your feet. But do you know a lot of gym goers are working out shoeless. From climbing ropes, deadlifts and kettlebell workouts, they are increasingly allowing their feet to be in direct touch with the floor. Well, does it help?

When your feet is in touch with the ground, you get to feel a lot of sensation in the muscles of your feet. Shoes guard your feet and prevent certain receptors in your feet to send signals to your brain. So when people workout barefeet, it reportedly helps in a better sense of your movement, to produce optimum force and enhance engagement of muscles.

For the uninitiated, your feet have numerous nerve endings and when they are not directly in touch with the ground, the brain gets limited information. However, when you are barefoot, your brain gets this information faster.

So when you are lifting weight, if you are barefoot, you can generate more force into the floor than when you are wearing shoes. The floor gives you a solid base to work on your maximum potential. Moreover, being barefoot also helps keep your posture correct because you are training the smaller muscles in your leg. ‘

Many therapists feel that working out without shoes also helps prevent ankle injuries and builds better back support.

We have heard about barefoot running and it has been in vogue for years. So if your running base is safe, you will not face any injuries. But if you have had an ankle or toe injury before, running could be slightly dangerous.

If you want to opt for barefoot workout, it is best to take it slow. Master the moves without shoes first and go full throttle only when you have aced the no-shoe training. Rest assured, you will feel more sore the next day but you will thank us for the results.

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