Weight loss tips: Follow this easy guide to quickly lose the kilos gained during Christmas binge


New Delhi: Christmas is just around the corner and the best way to celebrate is with some good food and sweets. The fruit cakes, cookies and chocolates are the ultimate favourites. These foods are high on calories which can make you put on weight very quickly and can also be hard to shed. You need to make sure you have a diet plan that you can follow to lose the extra pounds after the festival.

Getting used to the normal life after the Christmas spirit can be tough. Therefore, one should be mentally prepared beforehand. One should also keep in mind that a nutritional diet is equally important. It is important to maintain a healthy weight to stay healthy and fit and avoid unnecessary health issues.

Weight loss tips to lose the extra kilos you gained during Christmas binge

  1. Drink green tea- Consumption of green tea twice a day helps you lose weight quickly. Avoid drinking tea with sugar. The caffeine present in green tea acts as a stimulant to burn fat. It also has a variety of antioxidants that reduces your extra fat and boosts your metabolism.
  2. Consume Honey- Use honey with your beverages, fruits and salad instead of sugar. You can consume directly as well. It also has several health benefits. Cut down on your sugar intake and replace it with honey. The glucose present in honey burns your fat quickly and helps you keep fit.
  3. Stay physically active- Concentrate on your cardio. Practice Yoga. Eat foods that boost your metabolism and make you active. Go for walks. Fix a schedule to exercise at least one time a day so that you keep losing the calories that you have earlier consumed or are still consuming.
  4. Eat whole foods- Eat foods like beans, salmon, whole eggs, green vegetables and boiled potatoes. Whole foods help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly and easily. Eat fewer processed foods.
  5. Drink water before meals- Drinking water before meals suppress your appetite. It also helps you burn fat as it has zero calories. Avoid drinking water after your meals as it is known to put on weight.

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