Weight Loss: Try This High-Fibre, High-Protein Salad To Lose Weight


Salads have mostly been infamous for their bland taste and unappetising appearance. While they are known to be perfect accompaniments for weight loss regimes, salads can turn out to be quite boring if they are not prepared in the right manner. If you think that salads are all about leafy greens and bland dressings, then it’s time you change your perception a bit and try this weight loss salad at home, which is not only high on the health quotient but also incredibly delicious. We are talking about Kale and Tofu salad. Manjula Jain, a renowned food vlogger shares this recipe of fibre-rich and high protein kale and tofu salad on her YouTube channel, ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’.

Salad Diet For Weight Loss

What actually makes this salad different from the regular ones is the addition of apple along with cranberries mixed with ginger dressing. Ginger elevates the taste of the salad to another level, while cranberries and apple add a nice crunch to it. Both tofu and kale are brimming with healthful properties that may help you meet your weight loss goals as well. Why, you ask? When it comes to weight loss, the two very important nutrients to be included in a diet are fibre and protein. While kale is replete with fibre content, tofu provides sufficient amount of protein and contains essential amino acids. Fibre is crucial for digestion, which is key to weight loss, and protein is known to induce a feeling of satiety, which would further keep you away from bingeing on fattening foods later in the day. Having this fat-burning salad as a part of your breakfast is a good way to give your day a nutritional kick-start. Watch the following video and learn how to make this healthy yet delicious salad at home.


Happy Cooking!

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