We’re aesthetically driven to have six-pack abs, this mindset is unhealthy: Saiyami Kher


Saiyami Kher believes real fitness lies in having a strong core. “I like it when people accept their own bodies and try to better themselves each day,” she says.

“Having a very strong ‘why’ behind your vision will keep you from falling back on your fitness goals,” explains Bollywood actor Saiyami Kher. A sports and fitness enthusiast, the Mirzya actor carefully chooses her words because she knows it’s difficult to be motivated in a world where people are quick to pull you down. “If you’re feeling low in the middle of a race and you start to question your capabilities, asking yourself ‘why’ you signed up for this will push you through your weakest moments,” says Kher, who is also an Adidas India athlete and is currently training for a triathlon this year and aiming to train for Ironman in 2020.

I come from Nashik, a small town close to Mumbai. My entire childhood was spent playing outdoors, swimming and running around. So naturally, running became an integral part of my daily life.

Taking part in an Ironman is always a big deal, and Kher understands the currency it holds among fitness enthusiasts. “I suddenly feel pressured, it’s a really big challenge because I have to mix up three disciplines together: swimming, cycling and running. I am going to participate in a few Olympic size triathlons to train for the Ironman in 2020 and focus big time on strength training to minimise injuries.”