Why are pre and post-workout meals important? Include bananas as a pre-workout routine for a fit body


New Delhi: A healthy diet and workout routine are key for a healthy body, reduced risk of conditions like obesity and Type 2 diabetes, and also, for a healthy mind. More people prefer to spend time in the gym working out, rather than taking brisk walks, running, etc. for various reasons. Some of these reasons include weather conditions, regularity, and sustainability of the exercise routine.

If you go to the gym, you know the importance of a pre and post-workout meal. However, for those unaware, it is important to know the significance of the two meals, before you hit the gym.

What is the importance of a pre and post-workout meal?

We all know that proper nutrition can enhance our performance, whether it is physically, or mentally, and the same holds true when you begin an exercise routine. Good nutrition helps us perform all our exercises properly, and also helps the body recover after each workout. Nutrients help to maximise your performance and minimise muscle damage.

Therefore, people consume certain foods like black coffee, fruits, protein shakes, etc. pre or post-workout to ensure that the body stays healthy, and experiences minimum damage due to the exercise routine.

Banana as a pre or post-workout meal

According to experts, and as reported, bananas are a perfect pre-workout meal. Working out empty stomach can do more harm than good, and on the other hand, including a pre-workout meal like the bananas can help your body stay healthy.

For a pre-workout meal, you need something that is rich in carbs, so that you are not drained of energy while working out. Bananas are packed with carbohydrates and potassium. They help in optimal nerve and muscle function as you workout. The fibrous nature of bananas ensures that the release of glucose in the bloodstream is slow, which helps to keep your blood sugar levels managed. Since bananas are good for muscle health, it also ensures that the damage to the muscles due to exercise is minimised.

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