Why you shouldn’t let your Vitamin D levels drop!


There are some people we aren’t allowed to forget about, who we take for granted, who are important for our existence, who we welcome with open arms and who’s periodic absence funnily enough we accept as a norm. Vit D is one such “people”!!

In the customary yearly medical checks Vit D has found a consequential place and hence the evaluation is most always done. Lower than the reference results are tolerated as if it were meant to be and the just sufficient “marks” are met with a definite measure of victory!

Supplementation is mobilized for a short period and then it is supposed that the Vit D that is so susceptible to drop will consent to it’s presence in adequate amounts for the rest of the year or even until the next test reveals another story.

The way Vit D and it’s supplementation is viewed in India needs to change. A few sachets in the year will do nothing to assist the critical role Vit D plays to maintain life processes and optimal health.

Let’s Start at the Start. Why is Vit D deficiency susceptible to drop.

Sunlight is the major source of vit D. As a cult, especially in urban pockets, life is more exciting indoors. Infact, life happens indoors. But lets also not fool ourselves, even if we were to spend some time as a rule in the sun daily, I suspect no marked change in the levels. The pollution and smog cover is so high, it is reported that the UV index has dropped not allowing for enough infiltration of rays for our skin to produce adequate amounts of Vit D.

And thus vit D deficiency has become a new age disease.

Why isn’t Vit D deficiency just a nutritional deficiency?
It isn’t. It’s a malady, a syndrome by sheer recognition of it’s importance in the prevention of a host of disease and body conditions. It is critical in more ways than we can think of

So what’s the solution?

This may involve 2-3 months of high dose supplementation and a maintenance schedule for the rest of the year. The maintenance schedule is mostly ignored but is uber important for us to maintain sufficient Vit D levels always. Like we need air always, we need Vit D always!

There’s no problem without a solution and a problem that is everyone’s doesn’t cease to be a problem! It has to be combatted. Such is the story of Vit D. It’s deficiency is an epidemic, and is treated almost as normal as everyone suffers from it. But that is not an excuse to not treat the condition actively. Step up to your health, step upto to Vit D

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