Woman snatches food in mall, video goes viral


Social media has become all about developing and sharing content that entertains the audience and catches their attention. Influencers these days try pranks and share relatable content that we love. This is what a TikTok influencer Kat Curtis did recently in a mall in California, she snatched food from strangers while riding the escalator! Here is why she did it.

Kat Curtis is a social media blogger and she filmed herself at the Glendale Galleria mall while snatching food from people. The mall prank video was originally posted on TikTok with a caption saying, “How to get free food at the mall”. According to reports, the video went viral on her social media handle and got a mixed response from social media users.

In the first video, she is seen snatching a handful of french fries from a man on the opposite escalator as he stares back at her in shock. Next, she sneakily bites into burgers that other people were carrying in their hands, leaving them dumbstruck at her antics. Some viewers on social media found it hilarious and others were quite annoyed with the prank. Most people were convinced that the viral video was staged.

People commented on social media as the video went viral, “Love it”, said one person; while someone said, “Oh, so you are the person stealing. Well, I hope you try that with me. I’ll be grabbing your hair and walking you back in the direction I’m going. Then I’ll be calling the cops on you for theft charges. And I’ll make sure I appear in court to make sure those charges stick.”

Another person wrote, “You are lucky nobody punched you in the face. You are not even funny.”

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