Your flu may have nothing to do with Coronavirus but can be due to your diet!


With 3 deaths in India till date, the novel Coronavirus COV19 has created a lot of genuine concern and a lot too. Keeping that in mind, government has also issued notice regarding avoiding public gathering. And as the gyms and fitness centres are also closed, it is obvious that fitness lovers will rely much on their diet to remain fit and healthy. When it comes to reducing weight, people often opt for a ketogenic diet but now researchers have revealed that keto diet can lead to several flu-like symptoms within the first few weeks and hence if you experience that, no need to panic.

According to a recent study published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, these symptoms peak in the first seven days and dwindle after four weeks and vary in severity, as reported by users on social media.

What are the symptoms? The report has revealed that the common symptoms are flu fatigue, nausea, dizziness, decreased energy, feeling faint and heartbeat alterations.

According to the researchers, the experiences of symptoms by many people strengthen the evidence for side-effects following the initiation of a ketogenic diet. It has been found that these consumers have the most immediate experience of effects and side-effects and many choose to report and share these in online forums.

According to the researchers, a commonly discussed side effect of this diet is the so-called “keto flu”, a cluster of transient symptoms that occur within the first few weeks on the diet.

To better understand how these symptoms evolve, the research team identified 43 online forums referring to “keto flu” and manually gathered personal experiences of 101 people describing symptoms, severity and time course.

In the study, the researchers used public domain online forum posts and analysed their content to produce new insights into side-effects of the ketogenic diet.

In line with prior medical research, the researchers found reports of headache, difficulty concentrating and gastrointestinal discomfort, following the initiation of a keto diet.

Additionally, they revealed further common symptoms, such as flu, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, decreased energy, feeling faint and heartbeat alterations.

Consumers often experienced more than one symptom, with differing degrees of severity, the study said.

What to eat during this period?

It is suggested to eat foods that are helpful in boosting the immunity of your body. Foods, particularly rich in vitamin C, zinc are best to be relished every day. Apart from that, rest, recovery and practising necessary hygiene is the only way to recover from Coronavirus.

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